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We ship all over the country, due to the different regions, there are differences between delivery

Please note that express: Monday to Friday: 19:00 orders received will be delivered the next day, except holidays. Weekend: Sunday 17:00 from receipt of the order will be delivered on Monday, except holidays.

I'll be back, cancel the order if I pay shipping and handling Original?

If you're in Europe and you cancel the day you get your goods fourteen days after the order and cancel the entire order, we will refund your payment orders in standard packaging delivery costs (if applicable) in accordance with the regulations on the sale of remote control. If you pay the premium or mail, we will refund only the cost of the standard delivery. You will have to pay to send our costs. If you are in the distance selling regulations allow fourteen days after the cancellation, otherwise we will not refund any postage and packaging, if only part of your order is canceled (even if you still have three months to return the goods and receive a refund the cost of goods).

What is your return policy?

We apply a hagelgans-bau.eu return policy, if you return an item within three months of receipt, we will give back the amount paid for the project (see the harbor and packaging, etc.), or provide an exchange, if you like, no questions asked.

After that, until the first anniversary to mark your order arrives, you can still get a course does not meet your expectations will be high quality (and as abrasion are included, the decorative wear, etc. ., do not respond).

If I do not like the item, or it does not fit, what will happen?

No problem. Project has just sent us, and according to your preferences and inventory levels, we will give you a refund or exchange.

I want to leave a month. I was able to return the items, and when I return?

No need to worry, because you have 365 days to return the goods (although this is reduced to 14 days for the sale of goods, so we can get the stock trading before the end).

Why not always offer free returns, when most competitors do?

We thought about it, but most companies offer this cost absorption in other areas - such as the price of their products. We do not want to do it, so I decided to let you know from the offset, it is our policy to charge back to do everything as transparent as possible. Sometimes we offer special promotions during free returns

How much time to deal with my return?

We tried to process the return as soon as possible, but in the directory specified that it could take up to 21 days in which we are engaged. Last season, we presented the average time to process the return. We will continue our efforts to reduce its season.

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